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How We are Different from Traditional Growth Managers

  1. We employ a unique Innovation + Evolution-focused philosophy and strategy we call Evolutionary Investing

    • Singular focus on leading innovators and investable innovations, benefiting from secular trends and evolutionary shifts
    • Thought leadership on innovation, trends, and evolution of technologies and industries
  2. We build concentrated, high-active-share growth portfolios

    • Conviction-weighted portfolios of our best ideas
    • Long-term investment horizon with low portfolio turnover
  3. We combine traditional bottom-up research with meso-level analysis

    • Fundamental, bottom-up, in-depth research, plus...
    • Meso-down analysis focused on industry and ecosystem-level dynamics
  4. We focus on sustainable, high-quality growth companies with a long-term approach

    • Disciplined and consistent set of criteria for evaluating investments
    • Process implemented by experienced team of investment professionals


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