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Specialists in Innovation Investing with Differentiated Investment Philosophy

  • Exclusive focus on leading innovators with durable competitive advantages
  • Our team systematically identifies innovators, secular trends, and evolutionary shifts
  • Deep domain expertise in key areas of innovation

Unique Innovation-Focused, Concentrated-Growth Strategy

  • Conviction-weighted, concentrated portfolio of our best ideas
  • Long-term investment horizon, low portfolio turnover, high active share in innovators
  • Position clients to benefit from multi-year secular trends and evolutionary shifts

Risk-Managed Approach Focused on Quality Innovators

  • Selective approach focused on investable innovations while avoiding hype
  • Disciplined set of investment criteria focused on owning quality innovators
  • Risk management integrated throughout the investment process

The Boutique Advantage with Institutional-Class Infrastructure

  • Founded by investors, not asset gatherers, allowing for true alignment with clients
  • Thoughtful capacity constraints enable owning our best ideas in size within portfolios
  • A tight-knit cohesive team with nimble execution on investable insights

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