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There is Power in Simplicity

In our industry complexity is common while simplicity is rare. Importantly, simplicity is inversely correlated with firm size. We believe the ideal investment team is one that is smaller, cohesive, and focused on one investment philosophy – in essence, the boutique model. Highly effective investment teams are often comprised of tight-knit teams committed to one approach and process. This enables a singular focus and powerful alignment around shared processes and values, as well as streamlined communication and crisp execution on investable insights.

Thomas Ricketts, CFA
President & CIO
Portfolio Manager
Jonathon Ansley, CFA
Sr. Research Analyst
Associate Portfolio Manager
Dan Ayre, CFA
Research Analyst
Erin Price
Director of Operations
Compliance Manager
Andrew Taylor, CFA
Andrew Taylor, CFA
Director of Client Relations

Experience and Chemistry Matter

Evolutionary Tree has brought together a team of key professionals with experience from a tier-one investment firm across portfolio management, research, and operations functions. Team members have worked with each other for a number of years. We know each other well and are committed to the mission of connecting clients to leading innovative businesses that have potential to drive wealth creation over the long term.


Our Team Edge is Long-Term Insight into Innovation + Evolution

Our team goes beyond searching for growth for growth’s sake. Rather, we search for the root cause of sustainable growth, which we believe is built on a series of innovations that drive evolutionary shifts and secular trends. While we put our investment holdings under a microscope, we also believe it is critical to zoom out with a telescope to see the long-term viewpoint in order to generate insight into sustainable growth opportunities. While many investment managers are focused on the short-term, our team spends the vast majority of its time on the long-term opportunity for each investment. This focus provides an important differentiator for the firm – benefiting from a multi-year evolutionary viewpoint. Important innovations and secular trends do not unfold in a year, rather their impact is measured over many years.

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